May 28, 2015

Two crop tops

I think I've found my new uniform this season – a mostly modest crop top and any kind of higher-waisted bottom. I'm not trying to hate on my body when I say this, but I swear I have the torso of someone who is 5'5" and the legs of someone who is 4'11" (for reference, I'm actually 5'2"). For the longest time, I didn't know how to dress my proportions and I wore low-rise jeans with long blazers. Yikes. When I look back at those old photos, I cringe at how stout I look.

Ignoring the fact that this is a terrible quality mirror selfie, I wanted to share two crop top additions to my closet that are already in heavy rotation. This first one, by 3x1, is on sale right now with all sizes still in stock (!). This one is SHORT. I initially picked it up to wear with much higher-waisted skirts, but I'm really much more of a pants girl than a skirts girl. So I paired it with these mid-rise jeans (this was my first pair of non low-rise jeans and I still love them. They also happen to be on sale.) It was a very brave (and foolish) move to wear this outfit to a ramen lunch followed by ice cream. Though I managed to avoid ramen splatter on the white top, I could not hide my massive food baby with this top.

For a bit more stomach coverage, I love this Girl Tank by Rag & Bone. It's made from a heavier cotton so I feel like it will last me through the many washes it will need this NYC summer. I was already sweating balls yesterday and it's not even June yet. I paired this with new Acne jeans that I easily could have gotten three sizes up from my normal size in. I went up two sizes and they are still TINY. Reverse vanity sizing I suppose.

It's hard not to be tempted by all the sales going on right now. I've been browsing but mostly avoiding pulling the trigger. But since living in jeans in 90+ degree heat is not ideal, I picked up the closest thing to it – a pair of high-waisted jean shorts from SSENSE's sale. So I can pretty much continue my uniform and have a bit more breathability.

May 27, 2015

Beauty essentials

I'm fairly minimal when it comes to my makeup routine. If I were only allowed two products in my life, they'd definitely be some sort of eyebrow pencil and an eyelash curler. In fact, I won't ever leave my apartment without at least applying those two things. But since I'm not actually limited to that, I allow myself a few more products. These eight are a mix of current and long-time favorites.

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor – I've tried my fair share of brow pencils, but I always return to this one as my holy grail. Maybe for the shape and hardness of the applicator. It's not cheap (especially at the rate I go through these things) but I feel like good brows help frame the rest of my face and makeup.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – I've been using this curler since I was, like, 18. It lets me get super close to my eyelash base and never jams my lashes or yanks them out, like other ones I've experimented with. My natural lashes stick straight down, so this product is a godsend.

RMS "Un" Cover-Up (Shade 22) – I was on a total makeup ban when I bought this, but when the founder, Rose-Marie Swift, herself is manning her counter at ABC Home, you get the hell off your ban and listen to what she says. This is probably the first concealer I've ever bought. I just was always too lazy to deal with concealing, or I felt like it didn't actually do the job. What I love about this is that it's lightweight and can practically be used as a foundation. It also blends super easily.

Tom Ford Lipstick in 'Flame' – When I want to feel just a little extra fancy, I reach for this fail-proof fiery orange-ish red. It has a nice matte finish too, without feeling dry. And I'm always shocked after a whole meal with drinking and all that the product is still on my lips!

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara – Again, I have experimented for years with other brands and much fancier, pricier mascaras. There was a point in my life where I didn't have to actually buy mascara for as long as I can remember because I got so many samples from just being a loyal Sephora shopper and redeeming points. When I do finally have to buy it, it's always this guy. It doesn't run even when I bawl my eyes out and it gives my lashes great volume without weighing me down.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel – Of course, I now have to set my brows after treating them to the brow sculptor. I've found that this gel makes the brow pencil last much longer, especially on sweaty days. In a wonderful coincidence recently, I was just about to have to replace my last one and it happened to be in an amazing package the kind folks at Tieks sent over.

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino – I'm not one of those ladies who has a signature scent quite yet. I like having fun with many scents depending on my mood and the season. This is the scent I'll be wearing all summer long, for sure. Now if only it could actually transport me to the Italian Riviera...

RMS Living Luminizer – Naturally I picked this up on the same trip as the concealer. I instantly just feel a little bit prettier when I put this on. I mostly dab it on the high part of my cheekbones, but you can use it in so many places to highlight. It gives my skin a glow without making me feel glittery. Another huge perk of RMS products are that their compact sizes make them particularly travel-friendly. Highly recommend! Also sold here and here.

Whenever I travel and have to edit down all my products to fit in a small dopp kit, you can bet all of these are coming with me (though I'll probably opt for a travel-size of the perfume to save space). I'll likely do another post in this series of my long-time skincare favorites, though that's a bit trickier since I'm always trying new things.

May 19, 2015

Unlock your wish

In the final chapter of my collaboration with Cartier, I hoped to explore the idea of unlocking a dream or wish with this personal talisman. It's a little hard to explain the meta-nature of this post, because it was the act of conceptualizing this post and making these photos happen that really WAS my wish. Having my wish come true is being able to express myself in my photography and to have the ideas in my head be translated into something I can share with others. I am the happiest when doing so. Sometimes my friends hear me joke that when I'm not shooting or shopping, I'm rather depressed, and the part about shooting really is true. If I'm not producing work, I feel lost and don't know who I am.

Here I tried to convey the simple act of falling asleep on the sofa, lost in the dream world that the Amulette unlocks.

Shot on a grey rainy day, the darkness of my living room was the perfect backdrop for this series.

So long as I can continue to make this dream my reality, I don't really need to wish for anything else.

Outfit details: Theory Top | Self-Portrait Skirt (find similar here and here)