Nov 27, 2015

Leaving the big city

...And entering Bath, a small town in the southwest of England characterized by its 18th-Century Georgian architecture and use of Bath stone (and overall calming beauty). The idea of road-tripping to Bath was planted in my mind long before I even booked my London tickets. After all, when Shini asks if you want to drive over there in a Jaguar F-Type (borrowed, of course), you don't really think twice about it. And so the plan was hatched. Though we hit a few snags, we were eventually on our way, chips – I mean, crisps – in hand, music blaring, testing the acceleration on that bad boy.

A visit to Cereal founders Rosa and Rich's flat in Bath made me want to rip everything apart in my own apartment and start anew. If there were a list of people I admire both professionally and personally, they would be at the top of that list. God I sound like such a fan girl huh (if you watched Shini's snapchat that day, you may have seen me melting into their wall wailing about how amazing everything was)? But really, I love their taste, thoughtfulness about everything they do, and ability to keep their brand so consistent and cohesive no matter what they're working on.

We stayed for a night at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. Though we arrived late and had to leave early, we took advantage of the property as much as we possibly could, starting with a nightcap at The Montagu Bar, squeezing in an early morning dip at the indoor pool in some peaceful moody light, and of course grabbing a breakfast at the Dower House Restaurant on the grounds. The tea list is impressive here, so don't miss out on that if you happen to be passing through Bath. I wish I could have done a proper afternoon tea, but it'll be something to look forward to for the next time.

I didn't want to leave Bath so soon, but big city calls.

(P.S. These crazy pants I'm wearing are now on sale!)

Nov 20, 2015

The Laslett

I spent one night in Notting Hill at The Laslett – I arrived much too late at night and had to leave much too early in the morning to really explore the neighborhood but I absolutely loved the 'smart charm' (is that even a real phrase?) and details of the hotel. This was supposed to be my London Part 2 post, but had too many photos of the hotel I wanted to share, so I guess this is a quick Part 2 Part 1?

Nov 18, 2015

Elizabeth Suzann

New in: A few goodies courtesy of Elizabeth Suzann (remember my visit to her studio in this behemoth Nashville post?). Since then, I've loved seeing what she has up her sleeve every season.

Get the look: Cocoon Duster // Cecilia Pant // Marlena Tank (Worn with this cami and this necklace)