Sep 29, 2010

Oink oink

I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I will keep this short. Here is a meal (not so photogenic :P) from Maialino last week. They were damn busy, so service was a little flustered. It was still nice, though, to sit by the window and watch the lightning storm from the comforts of the indoors.

Maialino is known for its suckling pig special, but sadly I am not a huge pork fan and the thought of consuming that much pig just doesn't excite me as it should. I went for the cod with spicy tomato and pine nuts instead, which I very much enjoyed. The corn ravioli was fantastic, as well. Gotta get in my last bits of corn before autumn really hits!

Officially love cortados.


  1. Figures your closing remark is on the coffee; too funny.

    I love roast pork, but don't think I can handle a whole oinker by myself. Especially trying to get around the skull. Sounds interesting, though.

    Nice quick post.

  2. Your quick posts are most people's well-thought-out posts! :) Lovely atmosphere shots. That coffee looks especially yummy.

  3. rather interesting, cause I remember you asking what a cortado was. :)

  4. it all looks so delicious! i'm a sucker for presentation, especially at the more upscale restaurants, and they definitely hit their mark with that.

    the bread pudding and coffee look like they were divine!

  5. i'm not sure what you mean by not photogenic.. looks beautiful to me :)