Mar 12, 2013

Kaffismiðja íslands

How could I not devote a post to coffee in Iceland? An misty afternoon to ourselves in Reykjavik had me itching to check out Kaffismiðja íslands, a cafe recommended to me by Nicolas of Télescope in Paris. Four of us cozied up in a corner with the butteriest brioche, cappuccinos and lattes. It was a real treat to meet Rosa and Rich, the brains behind the beautiful Cereal Magazine. The talented Marte Marie Forsberg was also on this trip, and we bonded over love for ceramics and squealed and gasped over the landscapes and light changes through the trip. (See her post on this cafe here.) And for the coffee? It certainly passed my spoiled palate's judgment. :)


  1. That sounds very romantic, I want to see Iceland.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  2. These are GORGEOUS photographs. Maybe I can take a trip there sometime ;)

  3. So lovin' that last shot. We'll be touching base with Reykjavik quite a bit during our visit this summer so I will be adding this place to the tippy-top of my list. Thanks, Alice!

  4. Alice I'm absolutely smitten with your photos!I'm sending this link to my boyfriend for the following reasons:
    1. Iceland is on his travel destination wish list
    2. He LOVES coffee
    3. He is an avid photographer

  5. Such lovely photos!

  6. So wonderful, i love the little touches - the rocking chair, the brown paper menu...

  7. this looks like the most wonderful cozy space. can't believe you got to meet the folks behind cereal! new fav mag right now.

  8. Ok, so... First up: Thank you sooo much for the lovely photos that you post everytime. And let me tell you how Iceland has been on my To Travel To List for a very long time.

    Love love love this post.

  9. such a beautiful and peaceful place, would love to visit!
    great work with the pics!

  10. This looks absolutely charming, so relaxed and cosy :)

  11. Looks wonderful!
    And the food looks great!

  12. looks like a lovely little cafe

  13. A post about the important things in life...(coffee)... love it.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous as always Alice. So beautiful.

  15. Hey Alice,
    I was following your Flickr years ago when I was a teenager, you really inspired me. And in this sunny sunday, I just visited you blog by le plus grand des hasards, and it makes me smile :)
    Your pictures are magnifique.

    Also, I adore the iphone case with the cute bow, where does it come from ?
    If you come in Paris, let me know, I would love to meet you.
    Have a nice sunday,
    Bisous de Paris